When his reclusive uncle commits suicide in a mansion full of curiosities, Jamie Lawson is left to clean up his dusty estate. As Jamie peels back the layers of his uncle’s life as a semi-famous horror author, he discovers an eerie connection between his uncle’s works and real life tragedies. Now, he must uncover the truth behind his uncle’s books while trying to rebuild his life in a new town. But, the bizarre facts he uncovers may just threaten his new life and everyone in it. 

The Dreadful Objects is a whimsical supernatural mystery that'll keep you hooked from the first page to the nail-biting conclusion.

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What Do Readers Say?

This read a lot like a grownups episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark or Goosebumps, but in a really good way.
— Stephanie (That’s What She Read)
All in all, this was a twisty, wildly entertaining story with relentless pacing, rich, lifelike characters and a brilliant ending which made this novel a real page-turner for me. It’s a wonderfully mysterious thriller that I had a difficult time putting down right until the surprising and utterly satisfying conclusion. Recommended!
— Roger
This was a well written, well plotted story that walked the line between supernatural suspense and horror. I frequently get tired of the overused trope of a haunted house so I was happy to find a novel offered a fresh, new and interesting perspective on those classic tales.
— Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
This is great, reliable (but not predictable) read that will not disappoint you if you like a good supernatural story. I think it would be best enjoyed in the Fall with your windows open, candles lit, and some hot tea...
— Stefanie Green