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Book Samples

Oliver Crum and the Briarwood Witch Cover.jpg

The town of Christchurch has everything: rustic houses, quaint people, and a carnivorous briar patch that consumes anyone who ventures too close.

After a meltdown at work, Oliver Crum needs an escape, and Christchurch seems to be the perfect destination, at first. His aunt provides free room and board in exchange for his help at the local bakery, and the picturesque town appears picked from the cover of a magazine.

But as Oliver learns the ins and outs of the bakery business, no amount of kneading or mixing can prepare him for the mysterious murders that rock the sleepy village. And underneath the facade of the carefully manicured lawns and prim and proper people of Christchurch, Oliver discovers a dark history that goes back centuries—a supernatural legacy that’s back for blood.

Oliver Crum and the Briarwood Witch is the first book in a quirky supernatural mystery series with twists and turns that’ll leave readers flipping pages from beginning to nail-biting conclusion.

The Dreadful Objects Cover.jpg

When his reclusive uncle commits suicide in a mansion full of curiosities, Jamie Lawson is left to clean up his dusty estate. As Jamie peels back the layers of his uncle’s life as a semi-famous horror author, he discovers an eerie connection between his uncle’s works and real life tragedies. Now, he must uncover the truth behind his uncle’s books while trying to rebuild his life in a new town. But, the bizarre facts he uncovers may just threaten his new life and everyone in it. 

The Dreadful Objects is a whimsical supernatural mystery that'll keep you hooked from the first page to the nail-biting conclusion.